Senior Spotlight: Kiara Carter

Senior Spotlight: Kiara Carter

Middletown, Pa.- Kiara Carter is a Penn State Harrisburg senior studying Marketing and Management. She is a member of the women's basketball, tennis, and volleyball team and has excelled both on and off the court. She is also a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Carter was recently honored as a second-team all conference pick for her hard work through this past CAC basketball season. She described this accomplishment as one of her memorable moments during her athletic career. "I unknowingly just made history. The first Penn State Harrisburg Women's Basketball player to earn honors with the CAC All Conference Team. I am really proud of myself because I worked really hard and made my friends and family proud," said Carter.
Carter has played basketball since the seventh grade and volleyball since her junior year of high school.  She notes her most memorable experience during her collegiate athletic career as playing on the school's basketball team with her twin sister, Kiana.

If Carter had the opportunity to give advice to other student athletes throughout the world, she would say:

"First I would tell them to cherish their coaches, their teammates and anyone else that had a part in helping make their college experience better. No matter what situation you are faced with whether it is on the court or off the court, learn from it and grow as a person/player," said Carter.

Carter believes that financial burdens often hold students from being able to afford college. "I believe the most important societal issue college students face is being able to afford college. Many students do not finish college because of how expensive it is and some of the students that do go to college come out thousands of dollars in debt," said Carter.

She notes her boyfriend, Joshua Johnson as the most influential person in her life. "He makes me a better person all around. He has helped me strengthened my relationship with God and focus more in school so I can have a better life in the future," said Carter.

Whenever Carter is not on the court or in class, she can be found hanging with friends, or binge watching shows on television.  Her favorite sports person is Stephen Curry and she would love to have dinner with her favorite singer/idol, Beyonce one day.  

Carter is a notable student athlete that has shined over the years. She will be graduating with a bachelor's degree this upcoming December. After graduation, Carter plans to return to Bronx, New York and find a marketing job in the city.