CAC Spot Lights Men's Basketball Player Josh Johnson

CAC Spot Lights Men's Basketball Player Josh Johnson

Penn State Harrisburg men's basketball senior co-captain Josh Johnson has learned the keys to success in his academic pursuits - mechanical engineering and technology.  He has also applied those fundamental philosophies to his collegiate basketball career, which has shown steady growth for the Lions.  INTRODUCING … Josh Johnson.

Briefly, what is your background in the sport you play?   I played basketball in high school at Southampton High School.  I am now in my third year of basketball at Penn State Harrisburg.

What is your major in college, and what is the most important thing you learned in that discipline?   My major is mechanical engineering and technology.  So far, I have learned that practice and precision is very important in order to be successful in this field. 

What is your favorite spot on campus?   My favorite spot on campus is the basketball gym because it is a place where I can forget about all of the situations I may be dealing with outside of basketball.

Outside of your home and campus, where is your favorite place visit?   My favorite place to visit would be California because of how good the weather feels.

Other than your team, what organization (s) do you participate in (on campus or off campus)?  I am a member of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Briefly describe the most memorable experience during your collegiate athletic career.   The most memorable moment to me was hitting a 3-pointer to win the game in my first collegiate start. 

Other than your family members, who was the most influential person in your life?   The most influential person in my life outside of my family would be Bishop William L. Bonner.  He is a living example that anything is possible.  He went from a doctor telling him he only has hours to live to being a multimillionaire at 94 years old.

What is the most important societal issue facing college students?   Paying off college loans is going to be a huge issue we have to face coming out of college.  Things are becoming more expensive and we are going to have to pay them all off eventually.

If you could change any one item in the world (in your personal life, school, community, amateur or professional sports, national/international issue, etc.), what would it be, why, and how would you do it?  If I could change one thing it would have to be cancer.  It has negatively affected so many people. If I had the knowledge I would do everything in my power to find its cure.

What is your favorite form of entertainment?   Music is my favorite form of entertainment. I feel like it gives energy and life through the day.

If you could give one piece of advice to elementary school children, what would that advice be?   I would say to always give your best and never let anyone but yourself determine what you can and cannot do.

Outside of the CAC, who or what is your favorite sports person or team?   Kobe Bryant is my favorite because of his work ethic, competitiveness, determination, and the respect level that he demands.

Name three (3) people, real or fictional, living or dead, that you'd like to have dinner with?   If I could have dinner with three people it would be withGod, my recently deceased Uncle J, and Stephen Curry.  I would choose God so I could learn some of the things that I have always wondered about life.  I would love to have one more conversation with my uncle because he was taken so suddenly.  Finally, I would like to have dinner with Stephen Curry so I could possibly learn all of the drills he performs to improve his shot.