Work Study – Athletics Department

Come Join Our Team! 

The Penn State Harrisburg Department of Athletics is looking for the following positions:


Game Day Operations Staff:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: clock management, lines person, announcements, and many other areas that relate to hosting an NCAA varsity game.  This is a great opportunity to remain closely connected to a team and get insights into event management.  Average 10-15 hours per week (depending on home game schedules)


Equipment/Laundry Room Staff : 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to collection and distribution of practice/game apparel, practice/game equipment, and management of laundering services.  This is a great position for students to balance working and studying!   Average 15-20 hours per week


Team Manager(s): 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: working directly with head coach to ensure proper stat management, game day operations, post-game assistance with uniform collection and maintenance.   No experience necessary. Average 20 hours per week.

Click Here for Student Worker Application Form

(Form needs to be completed in full and handed into the athletics office room #115 or emailed directly to



All inquires should be directed to:

Ross Patrick
Equipment/Game Day Event Manager
(717) 948-6678