68 Student-Athletes Make Fall Dean's List

68 Student-Athletes Make Fall Dean's List

Harrisburg, Pa - Penn State Harrisburg wants to recognize its outstanding Student-Athletes who are excelling in the class room and on the field. This fall across all 17 of the Intercollegiate Teams, 68 Student-Athletes earned a 3.5 GPA or higher, placing them on the Fall Deans List. Congratulation to the following Student-Athletes: 



Cline, Alex

Richards, Bradley

Kaplan, Justin

Artley, Mark

Rosenberg, Matthew

O'Dell, Justin

Smith, Chase

Michaud, Cameron

Stefanosky, Andrew

Riotto, Brendan


Men's Basketball

Thompson, Rodeo


Men's Golf

Young, Chris

Gleason, Montana

Miller, Keith


Men's Soccer

Foster, Chase

Malinich, Josiah

Schmoyer, Christian

Acosta, Carlos

Cartagena, Oscar

Ayalew, Tesfaye

McCarthy, Collin

Turner, Max

Kotby, Mohamed


Men's Tennis

Gluck, Jared

Lichtenwalner, Thomas

Mccurdy, Ryan

Melnic, Jonah



Simon, Kaylee

Parmer, Emily

Emmett, Dominique


Women's Basketball

Amey, Laurel

Mattis, Shanique


Women's Cross Country

Wang, Zhehui

Cunningham, Kimberly

Ross, Jennifer

Lehman, Sarah

Goehrig, Samantha


Women's Indoor Track

Lehman, Sarah


Women's Golf

Horn, Kelsey

Zhu, Junchun

Williams, Lydia

Cooper, Allison


Women's Soccer

Smith, Christina

Grim, Eliza

Arnold, Kayla

Mdarhri-Alaoui, Jenna

Ansary, Sheila

Asper, Rachel

Hile, Erica

Smith, Bailey

Vavrek, Haley

Clippinger, Elizabeth

Marroquin Flores, Daniela


Women's Tennis

Bennett, Courtney

Ansary, Sheiva

Ansary, Sheila

Clifford, Abigail

Chittibabu, Abisoorya


Women's Volleyball

Miller, Kerri

Wolf, Brittany

Imler, Alexis

Bosco, Melissa

Hossler, Katelyn

Conrad, Rebecca

Ammerman, Kari

Stump, Casey